Quick Start

To check our "live" tutorials, click on one of the links below.
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This 2 minutes intro explains the basic concepts, such as sites, pages, sections,
splash screen by showing Babi's O'Tiffe Hair Salon mobile site. 

Create Your First Site
Showing how to create your free account, build your first site, and
generate your own QR code in minutes.

Add Images with Notes, and Image Lists
Create Sections with Images and add notes to each image.
Create "image sliders" of several images.

Add YouTube, GoogleMap, and FaceBook 
Add all these goodies in seconds to make your mobile site really stand out.

Make a Splash Screen (Welcome Page)
It is "engaging", you should have one.
I will show you how to do it in 10 seconds.


Upcoming tutorials:
More Section Types 
Statistics, Account Management 
Best Practices 

You can also look at the series of images below to get started quickly. 

Create your first account at http://admin.textorscan.com


Signing up is fast and easy.
So is creating your mobile site, so get started today.




Step 1: Sign up in 1 minute


To get started, just  go to:

and create your account. An email will be sent to you to activate your account.

That's it, you will be ready to go  in 1 minute.
(If you don't see the confirmation email, please check your spam folder, and mark our email as "not spam").


Step 2: Create your site

step1After you sign in for the first time, you will see an empty list (later this list will show all your sites).

Click on the "Add New Site" button. If you want to start with a sample template, you can click on "Add New Site from Template", and then modify the site.


Step 3 Adding pages, generating QR Code

step2Each site has the following structure:
There are up to 3 "pages".
This example has 3 pages:

- Hello
- My Data
- More...


  • On the right you can see, how the pages appear as "Tabs" on the mobile device.


You can also generate your QR Code using the bottom half of the screen. 

When you create a NEW page, in order to generate QR Code, and add sections to your pages, first you have to SAVE the new page.


Step 4: Sections in Pages


This picture shows how a list of Sections of a Page are  displayed on a mobile device.
When a users clicks on a Section Title, the device will show the actual Section.

As you will see, there a wide range of Section Types to select from (including Rich Text, Images, You Tube, etc...)

Step 5: Section Types

step4Sections are the basic building boxes of your site.

There are several "section types" each with unique presentations.

The most basic section type is the "Rich Text".
It offers a wide variety of text formatting options.  Just click around on the buttons, and experiment, all this may look already familiar to you.

TIP: Keep in mind that your site will be shown on mobile devices with relatively small screens. Select your font size to at least "medium", and try to keep your text short. In general, try to keep your sections "small".
Feel free to experiment with the different Section Types.
This list will be expanding in the future, so make sure you check your "Admin" application for the latest news.


Step 6: Adding Images



Select "Image only" or "Image with Text" section type to display images from your own image library.
To pick an image, use the "Click to select on "Select Image" button.






To upload images into your library, go to the "Image Library" tab.

TIP: DO NOT UPLOAD large images.
Always remember: your guests will look at your images from a mobile device , having limited size, and speed!