The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

(Using Our Services)
Babi's site is on our server is
using most of the features !
See below the detailed feature comparison...

(Our competitors)
Example of what our competitors offer.
Usually mobile-friendly,
but only very limited functionality...

The most common "anti-solution":
Just include a site that was
NOT designed for mobile devices.
But your smartphone doesn't have a 21" screen...

Comparision of features offered by mob-sites and by the competition:

  Mob-site Competition
Rich Text YES YES
Images YES YES
QR generation YES YES
GoogleMap YES YES
Statistics YES YES
Include YouTube Videos YES NO
Unlimited QR Scans YES NO
Allow SMS (instead of scanning QR) YES NO
Instant SMS "forward site link" YES NO
"Splash" (Welcome) Screen YES NO
Instant "Call Us Now" Button YES NO
Multiple Pages YES NO
Image lists (sliders) YES NO
Expandable / Collapsible sections YES NO
Embed external sites (iFrame) YES NO
Split screens (Image/Text) YES NO
Toggle Screen (Image, YouTube or Text) YES NO
Navigate between Sites YES NO
Editable HTML sections YES NO